Lester Webb, Director Outreach & Technology, Kingston Frontenac Public Library

We are thrilled that our content exists in ODW because of the access this provides to world, but also guarantees that the data is maintained, backed-up, etc. in more places than just our own infrastructure. ODW has been able to efficiently and cost effectively complete phases of our projects that otherwise would likely not be complete. And they are terrific to work with.

Simone O’Byrne, Librarian, Ministry of the Environment


ODW builds partnerships with academic and government document libraries. Our close link with ODW’s team has provided depth, enthusiasm, and helpful ideas and resulted in protecting government documents from disappearing and increasing them in the public view.

Ron Ward, Organizational Services, Guelph Public Library

“Knowing that such a wide variety of information for and about Ontario is being captured, and preserved (and more importantly is more available for everyone), is a critical part of developing ‘knowledge.’ Knowledge empowers in ways we may never have conceived.”

Laurie Brett, Essex Free Press

Local publisher, Laurie Brett, was an early adopter of the full-search newspaper site offered by ODW.

“Ontario has a very rich community newspaper tradition and it is great that there is an organization that is focusing on bringing this content forward. I have used services from OurDigitalWorld for both current and historical newspaper support, and have found them to be invaluable for opening up the heritage captured in the pages of my publication, which has chronicled the lives of the people in my community since 1895.”