A preview of the results from our survey on digitization in Ontario public libraries

This summer we surveyed the public libraries of Ontario to get an idea of how they’re dealing with the demand for digitizing their special and unique heritage collections.

We got a response from 55% of all Ontario public and First Nations libraries, and the libraries that responded cover almost 90% of the total Ontario population served by libraries (which is itself 90% of the total population, so, about 86% of us).

We’re delighted to have such a strong response and can’t wait to share all the results with you. We asked about 80 questions, so there’s a lot to cover! Today we just want to share a few facts – a preview of our upcoming report release in January 2019. Continue reading A preview of the results from our survey on digitization in Ontario public libraries

Lacrosse, Twitter, and Digitizing First Nations Materials

The Six Nations Lacrosse Team of 1892.

About a year ago, I presented at a virtual conference – actually, a Twitter virtual conference. Presenters needed to give a summary of their topic and research in 15 tweets of (then) 140 characters each, which could include uploaded photos and videos, links to blog posts or Youtube or cited papers, or just plain ol’ text. I’ve certainly never given a presentation under 2,100 characters, so this was a fun challenge.  Continue reading Lacrosse, Twitter, and Digitizing First Nations Materials

Celebrating Ontario First Nations Public Library Week and Ontario Public Library Week



October 1st to 7th is First Nations Public Library Week, and we’ll be featuring materials from our First Nations public library VITA members, Six Nations Public Library and Kanhiote Tyendinaga Territory Public Library. This year’s theme is “The Future of First Nation Public Libraries.” Look forward to learning more about the families and individuals featured in their digital collections! We’ve put some of our favourite images on the front page of OurOntario.ca and will be sharing more on our social media throughout the week. Continue reading Celebrating Ontario First Nations Public Library Week and Ontario Public Library Week

Discussing women’s history at the OWHN Annual Conference in October

Allana Mayer will be presenting her work on our Ontario’s Multicultural History virtual exhibits at the Ontario Women’s History Network Annual Conference, happening in Ottawa and Gatineau October 26th-27th.

This year’s conference theme is Exhibiting Gender: Telling Her Stories. Allana will be chatting about curating exhibits and what’s available online about women’s history in Ontario.

All are welcome to register, and there are early-bird discounts if you register before October 9th. We hope to see you there!

Click to see the program.

Our VITA sites are back online!

We are thrilled to say that we’ve finished the restore process for our VITA Toolkit partner sites. All sites are now back online, and your OurOntario.ca search results should be working.

You may discover an occasional item record that fails to load as we finish restoring some of the biggest files in our collections.

See a list of our VITA Toolkit sites on vitatoolkit.ca.

If you visit a VITA site and continue to see an error message about the site being offline, please make sure to clear your cache and refresh the original URL (removing the “/offline” at the end).

If you have any further questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to get in touch at help@vitatoolkit.ca. If you’re with a VITA member organization and want to stay updated about the administrative side of VITA, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter.