Practicum & Volunteer Projects

OLA Archive (Jessica Samuels, iSchool; Xiaowei Yin, iSchool; Kathy Robson, Seneca College; Dr. Sabri Elhaj)

Digitization of photo albums and Super Conference catalogues, including OCR, to build the first iteration of the OLA Archives online. This project is ongoing and in partnership with the Ontario Library Association.

VITA Data Management Interface Usability (Nikki Sutherland, iSchool)

Survey users and make recommendations for improvements to the VITA Digital Toolkit data management interface and functionalities. Curriculum Project (Hilary Scroggie, iSchool)

Using content from the portal, design and implement a series of online exhibits about how to use the portal to provide tips for researchers and students.

Digitization opportunities in Ontario’s North (Rachel Beatty, iSchool)

Survey of northern community libraries, including First Nations libraries, to determine interest and ability to undertake digitization projects.

Pilot Projects

All-in-One Newspaper Digitization Service

In 2012-2013, Milton Public Library digitized more than 150 years of the Canadian Champion as a pilot project for ODW’s All-in-One Newspaper Digitization service. The pilot involved processing microfilm and  fiche amounting to 150,000 pages. Since then, update batches have been added to the collection, with 2015 underway.

Grant work


Thanks to the Government of Ontario’s Ministry of Culture, Sport & Tourism, ODW undertook a large scale redevelopment of new modules in a new platform to increase end user engagement, interaction and contributions with and to online collections: My Favourites allows personal bookmarking of collections from any VITA site; Contribution module invites end users to share personal items and stories to build community collections.