Oakville’s A Day In The Life Project

ADayintheLife_18-12-01psdStarting on Saturday, Oakville Public Library’s fourth annual A Day In The Life photo project launches.

Using the VITA Digital Toolkit‘s Contribution module, OPL gathers photographs from the community snapped within a 24-hour period (allowing a week for community members to upload and describe their works) and shares them in their VITA collection – they’re also curated into a virtual exhibit for viewing by year. So far they’ve built up their collections with hundreds of submitted photographs from all over the community!

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Our VITA sites are back online!

We are thrilled to say that we’ve finished the restore process for our VITA Toolkit partner sites. All sites are now back online, and your OurOntario.ca search results should be working.

You may discover an occasional item record that fails to load as we finish restoring some of the biggest files in our collections.

See a list of our VITA Toolkit sites on vitatoolkit.ca.

If you visit a VITA site and continue to see an error message about the site being offline, please make sure to clear your cache and refresh the original URL (removing the “/offline” at the end).

If you have any further questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to get in touch at help@vitatoolkit.ca. If you’re with a VITA member organization and want to stay updated about the administrative side of VITA, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter.

An update on our VITA Toolkit disruption

Due to an unexpected service interruption, some of our VITA Toolkit digital collections are offline. We are working diligently to restore these collections for public search and discovery. Many are now back online, but as a result of this, you may encounter some links to an “offline” message either on individual VITA Toolkit sites or in the OurOntario.ca portal. All content will be back and available as soon as possible.

The Government Documents and INK sites are not affected.

Thanks for your patience. Please check back or sign up for our newsletter to receive updates.

Unexpected Service Disruption with VITA Toolkit websites and management

We had an unexpected server issue over the weekend. All VITA sites and accounts are affected. We are currently restoring the sites.

You may see some sites come online ahead of others – the Federated Women’s Institutes of Ontario Digital Collections is already back online, for example. Other ODW websites such as OurOntario.ca will have some links that lead to “offline” content for the moment, but INK and Government Documents are not affected.

We will post an update as soon as you can start using VITA again. We appreciate your patience as we work to resolve this issue. If you have any concerns, please let us know at help@vitatoolkit.ca. Thank you!

Our fall webinar series with SOLS

SOLSBilLogo3This fall we are excited to partner with the Southern Ontario Library Service to bring you three (FREE!) webinars exploring the work ODW has done with public libraries to help provide digital content to people living in communities across the province. There’s something here for everyone: students, genealogists, researchers, historians, technologists, library or archives workers, artists, and the curious.

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Using open-source OCR tools to digitize Indigenous print


Recently ODW’s Art Rhyno consulted on the newspaper digitization pilot project for the National Heritage Digitization Strategy. Our years of work on newspaper digitization has included specialized work with open-source tools to perform text-recognition on underrepresented languages. Digitizing non-Latin scripts can sometimes be difficult with commercial tools, but open-source software allows for customization with almost all syllabics and words.

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Video – in VITA and beyond

Looking for vintage video? We’ve got you covered.

The VITA Digital Toolkit offers multimedia hosting for streaming in users’ browsers as well as download. See, for example, this wonderful video of the 1962 Wilfrid Laurier University Winter Carnival! Or this footage of a munitions factory shift change in World War Two. You can add GIFs too!

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Scheduled downtime for VITA sites and OurOntario

We will see a short interruption in our services for maintenance to our network on Monday March 12th, from 11am to noon EDT. Members will be unable to access the VITA data-management tools during that time, and no VITA collections will be available to the public.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience, but we expect maintenance shouldn’t take more than an hour. Please get in touch with help@vitatoolkit.ca if you have any concerns.