Mystery Month: The Bell and Sloman Families

A few years, Rick Bell donated to Brock University a trove of photographs found in his mother’s house in St Catharines. While many of the later photos are of his family members, there are a number of late 19th century studio portraits depicting unidentified people. We wrote about these mysteries in our virtual exhibit about black history in Ontario:


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April is #MysteryMonth!

All month long, we’ll be sharing Mystery items from our VITA members’ collections. A mystery item is any record tagged with a question – often a request to help organizations complete their metadata about a piece of local history.

Our count of mystery items in VITA collections right now is over 11,000. That’s a lot of unsolved mysteries!

Often we’re looking to identify people in photographs, or get a more accurate idea of when a picture was taken. Occasionally we want to know who made an object in our collections. Sometimes we need help figuring out what handwriting means, or knowing more about the long-term history of a business or group.

And sometimes we just want to know – What the heck is this thing?

“Unnamed object circa 1900,” from the Huron Shores Museum collection.

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ODW on the OpenGLAM Twitter Account

OpenGLAM_Heart_400x400For the next two weeks, join us on Twitter as we helm the @openGLAM account to discuss some of the challenges and opportunities we face in Canada.

We’ve just gotten started this morning and will be covering a variety of topics related to digitizing and sharing our cultural heritage. You can learn more about the Open GLAM initiative, run by Open Knowledge, on their website.

Join us with your thoughts, your questions, and the things you want the rest of the world to know about working with open heritage in your organization!