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Upcoming funding opportunities for heritage

JHM002343196The Canada Post Community Foundation has funding available for nonprofit and community organizations to support children and youth. Many libraries, schools, and cultural groups can benefit from this funding – grants can be up to $25,000, but lower amounts have varying application requirements. There are also up to 3 grants available for up to $50,000.

  • education programming to help children reach their full potential
  • programming supporting healthy children
  • building safe, kid-friendly communities
  • services for children and youth with special needs and their families
  • programs that promote the interest of children and youth
  • mental health programs for children and youth

Take a look at previous years’ recipients to get an idea of what can be funded. We suggest using your digitized resources to build localized lesson plans and fund history initiatives in local schools, digitizing materials pertaining to youth, or doing a material-creation project such as oral history or a photography contest!

Applications are due April 5th at noon.

The Oral History Association is offering grants up to $4,000 for US and international applicants to perform oral-history collection work related to crises – “wars, natural disasters, political and economic/ethnic repression, or other current events of crisis proportion.”

Applications are simple – a budget and a one-page project proposal, plus the resume of the applicant – and the deadline is April 15th.

Take a look at last week’s blog post if you need some inspiration for a local oral history project! 

The First Spark Initiative offers grants up to $5,000 for heritage organizations exploring collaborative solutions to “common business challenges.” The $5,000 can be up to 75% of the project expenses.

To be eligible for funding from The First Spark Initiative, your organization must have identified:

  1. a business challenge you share with other organizations, such as:
    • data management and discoverability
    • digital transformation
    • governance issues
    • marketing and audience development
    • revenue diversification and fundraising
    • technology issues
  2. all organizations with which you will be partnering to explore possible solutions (a minimum of one partner is required)
  3. a participatory activity you will organize to address the business challenge, such as:
    • design jam
    • design-thinking workshop
    • experimentation with and mastery of new tools or technology
    • hackathon
    • ideation workshop

Applications are evaluted on a rolling basis anytime before November 15th.


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