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Read our report on digitization in Ontario public libraries

OurDigitalWorld-DigitizationReport-2019Jan-Web.pngWe’re delighted to announce the publication of our report on digitization in Ontario public libraries! The report is now available for download.

We asked eighty questions over the summer of 2018, and our obliging survey respondents gave us some great answers about how they’re tackling community history, heritage collections, and the demands of the digital age. Thank you to every public library in Ontario that responded!

Now you can read all the results before you join us at our OLA SuperConference presentation next week.


If you’ll be at the Ontario Library Association SuperConference next week, we’re looking forward to discussing our findings and suggestions with you and talking about the next steps we want to take as a community based on what we discovered. Our session is at 9am on Friday February 1st!

Some highlights:


You can download our report as a PDF here.


This report is being made available under a Creative Commons Non-Commercial Attribution Share-Alike 4.0 license.

Images used in the report all come from our VITA partners’ digital collections:


You can find a copy of the questions we asked in a PDF here. We would like to thank Kendra Morgan and Merrilee Proffitt from OCLC for openly licensing their research; we used some of the questions they asked in Advancing the National Digital Platform: The State of Digitization in US Public and State Libraries in our survey.


Our thanks go to the many people that offered us support and feedback, and especially to SOLS and OLS-N, who generously funded this work. We also want to thank our University of Toronto iSchool student Christine Patullo, who helped us with data cleanup and normalization, and contributed to our conclusions.

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