Last week our three University of Toronto iSchool students presented their practicum projects at the semester’s showcase.

Maria Romano presented her project looking at up-to-date resources for policies and best practices in digitization. She developed an evaluation procedure for identifying valuable resources as well as blog posts, listservs, and other discussions around digitization ethics and priorities.

Yoonhee Lee developed an outreach program for ODW to encourage more use of our community newspaper collections, identifying relevant stakeholders such as researchers and educational institutions, and create infographics and promotional materials for the cause. She also looked at our web analytics and noticed that Wikipedia is one of the largest drivers of traffic to our collections!

Christine Patullo worked with us on our survey of digitization in Ontario public libraries, helping to clean up the data collected from over 150 libraries. She validated responses based on publicly available information, found ways to code and structure common answers, and is helping us write and edit our final reports, for release soon.

We are delighted to be able to work with the iSchool to provide practicum projects for such clever and enthusiastic library science students!