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Digital Prescott-Russell wants your photos

Local publication The Review has put the call out for more family photos:

Go through your attic!  Clean out your closets!  Empty that shoe box under your bed! Public libraries throughout Prescott-Russell are looking for old photos of local francophone heritage.

Digital Prescott-Russell is a project created to digitize photos from the 19th and early 20th centuries that depict the lives and traditions of the region’s French-speaking residents.

The first phase of the project involves collecting donated photos taken before 1950 that were taken in Prescott-Russell.  The library branches will index and catalog each photo before scanning them and making them available online. All seven public libraries in the united counties are participating in the project.

We’re excited to see what turns up in this exciting solicitation period. Keep your eyes on the Digital Prescott-Russell VITA collection for more uploads and news!

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