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See you at SuperCon!

We’ll be at the 2019 Ontario Library Association SuperConference in January! We’ll be presenting in a session about our report on digitization in Ontario public libraries, and we’ll be manning our usual vendor booth in the Expo Hall.

Find us in the Expo Hall at the same booth as last year, #707, right by the entrance:

And join Allana at 9am on Friday February 1st to discuss the results of our summer 2018 survey on Ontario public libraries and digitization – we’ll talk capacity, advocacy, and collaboration strategies going forward based on the evidence:

This session will present the results of a survey undertaken by OurDigitalWorld and the Southern Ontario Library Service over the summer of 2018. We’ll assess the current state of digitization in public libraries – projects, best practices, capacity, and areas for improvement. We will also discuss how public libraries can best meet recommendations such as Ontario’s Culture Strategy and the National Heritage Digitization Strategy. Information from the survey can guide the public library sector on project plans and priorities, collaborations, resources and training, and support networks.
Half of the session will be presentation of results and recommendations, and half will be an informal discussion with the audience. Attendees can expect to take away new resources and concrete ideas for future collaborations and approaches.

Also check out these sessions from some of our partner organizations:


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