OurDigitalWorld is working with three practicum students from the University of Toronto iSchool this fall. We’ve got a number of neat projects working with our data and collections, and we’re delighted to have some bright and engaged students to help us out. Here are our three students and their projects:

Maria Romano, MI in Library and Information Science (2019)

Maria will be helping us update our collection of resources on digitization, which we get a lot of great feedback on but don’t always have time to maintain. We’re especially hoping to add some more recent discussions about ethics around privacy and copyright, and include more ephemeral links to things like listservs and social media. Maria will be finding useful ways to present that information as well as providing some summary work on the state of digitization in Canada.

Yoonhee Lee, MI in Archives and Records Management (2019)

Yoonhee will be working on strategically promoting and increasing traffic to our partners’ digital newspaper collections. Yoonhee will use Google Analytics data to identify primary audiences and their common resources to find the best places to promote our individual and aggregate newspaper sites. We also hope to provide VITA Toolkit users with concrete ideas for promoting their collections online and through outreach programs in their communities.

Christine Patullo, Diploma of Advanced Information Studies (2019)

Christine has been working in knowledge management for many years and is taking the Diploma to update and broaden her skillset. We’ll be taking a look at the data from our recent survey on digitization in Ontario public libraries and finding ways to apply her business research skills to heritage and technology issues. Christine will work on a literature review and the various publications we’ll be creating to share our results.