October 1st to 7th is First Nations Public Library Week, and we’ll be featuring materials from our First Nations public library VITA members, Six Nations Public Library and Kanhiote Tyendinaga Territory Public Library. This year’s theme is “The Future of First Nation Public Libraries.” Look forward to learning more about the families and individuals featured in their digital collections! We’ve put some of our favourite images on the front page of OurOntario.ca and will be sharing more on our social media throughout the week.

The Future of First Nation Public Libraries is an exploratory theme that broadens the conversation about what First Nation libraries are today and how First Nation libraries could operate in the future. Public libraries respond to community needs and mirror changes by offering relevant library programming and collections.

With the advent of accessible tech-based equipment which relies on the high-speed internet, librarians are reassessing how patrons interact with physical library space. The safe and reliable library spaces for which First Nation libraries are known, are becoming meeting space and repositories for local history and cultural repositories.

Communities are embarking on projects related to language and cultural revitalization while maintaining traditional practices in contemporary times. Libraries host databases for digitized materials such as photographs, belongings (artifacts), and recordings.

In the year 2018, let’s imagine what future First Nation libraries will look like. Will there be 3D printers, eBooks, green screens and drones? Or will there be conference tables, recording equipment, and Talking Libraries?

Later this month, Ontario Public Library Week is October 14th to 20th. We have over 100 public library VITA members, and we’ll be featuring some of our favourite digital materials from their collections. We’ll also give you a sneak peek into some of the insights and results from our recent survey on digitization in Ontario public libraries. Stay tuned!