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#1Lib1Ref: So Good, They’re Doing It Twice

Wikipedia’s Library group is running a second #1Lib1Ref campaign this year! It’s designed to coincide with the yearly schedules of those in the southern hemisphere, and it’s an extra chance for library and heritage professionals to try their hand at improving Wikipedia’s accuracy and reliability. 

We’ve written about #1Lib1Ref in the past, as well as working more generally with Wikipedia and Ontario heritage collections. Take a look at those guides to get started, if you’ve never done any Wikipedia editing before. They have a lot of great links to more resources.

A great tool that makes finding opportunities easy is Citation Hunt – you can search “Ontario” or any other keyword to narrow down the choices for pages to improve. There are also Best Practices for cultural professionals that can help you figure out ways to contribute from your areas of expertise without crossing any conflict-of-interest lines on Wikipedia.

As always, reach out by email or on social media if you have any questions or want to share your successes!


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