The NHDS has announced a one-time funding opportunity for digitization projects that take place before August 21st, 2019. The total amount available per project is $100,000. The project specifications require organizations to make their data and digitized objects available and publically accessible.


Eligible applicants include:

  • Libraries, including public libraries
  • Archives
  • Historical societies
  • Universities and colleges
  • Library, archival and museum associations
  • Museums with an archival component
  • Genealogical organizations
  • Provincial/territorial and municipal government institutions
  • Institutions with an archival component
  • Indigenous organizations
  • Indigenous government institutions


Representative Projects that reflect Canada’s ethno-cultural, geographic and/or linguistic diversity.
Collaborative Projects that use partnerships to maximize efficiency and knowledge sharing and to leverage existing infrastructure.
Rigorous Projects that are practical, cost-effective, and based on standards as well as widely accepted best practices.
Open Projects that commit to making content available to the public, within ethical, cultural and legal constraints.
Impactful Projects that have wide appeal, are unique, and/or are particularly relevant to a specific field of study.
Sustainable Projects that address the long-term digital preservation of material.

Applications are due June 12, 2018, at noon PST. Let us know if we can help you develop your project idea, cost out digitization by vendors, or articulate how VITA can be your sustainable access solution for digitized collections.