Our team has upgraded the platform and moved all your content and site settings over to the newest version of VITA. Lots of changes are behind-the-scenes – you’ll notice a faster and easier VITA without having to learn anything new.

Members using the default CSS templates for their sites will see some display changes, as we’ve tweaked our code a bit. We’ve also introduced some new alternate styling

templates that take minimal time to set up and can drastically change the appearance and function of your VITA site!

What’s New: 

  • Faster and more responsive indexing
    Changes and additions appear automatically on your public site.
  • Better video uploads 
    And you can always embed a Youtube video!
  • Sleeker CSS 
    VITA’s classic look is upgraded – plus some new looks to choose from.
  • Responsive search & results screens
    Options you don’t use are hidden on Advanced Search and results screens. Long results automatically hide and expand.
  • Completely separate News from Images sites
    No more overlap of content: it’s a clean break!
  • Bug fixes and tweaks

What’s Gone: 

  • Search widgets
    Existing ones still work, but you can’t add new ones.
  • Mobile search
    Your VITA site will look the same no matter what device you use, so we’ve done away with the special stripped-down version.
  • FLV [Flash] video files
    We’ve converted any FLV files to MP4 for you!

VITA6 Design Webinar: How to Share In Style

Media Coordinator Allana Mayer will be running a lunchtime webinar on Wednesday February 7th at noon, to introduce you to all the new styling options in VITA6. We’ll cover:

  • The basics of CSS and HTML in VITA
  • The new CSS templates and how to apply them
  • Modifications and customizations to any site
  • Great design tips, tricks, and tools
  • Where to get help

Don’t forget to drop by booth #707 at OLA SuperCon this week to see live demos and get your questions answered!