Next week we’re fearlessly taking it to the next level: Loren will be at the GLAM Summit organized by Library and Archives Canada on Tuesday, and the ODW team will be at the OLA SuperConference for the rest of the week

The co-chairs of the Ottawa Declaration Working Group, Guy Berthiaume, Librarian and Archivist of Canada, and John McAvity, Executive Director and CEO of the Canadian Museum Association, invite you to participate in the second Summit, “Taking it to the Next Level: GLAM Summit 2018.”

Building on last year’s Summit on the Value of GLAMS, “Taking it to the Streets,” this year’s conference will be an interactive day of discussion drawing on the following themes:

  • Communities: How can collaborative relationships among GLAMS benefit local communities, as well as provide greater opportunities for building links and fostering community identity?

  • Indigenous peoples: How can GLAMs work more closely with Indigenous peoples to renew relationships that are based on mutual understanding and respect?

  • Private sector: How can GLAMS work with the private sector to encourage greater innovation?

  • Government priorities: How can GLAMS advance their interests vis-à-vis various levels of government?