It’s #GivingTuesday! Today we’re asking you to consider supporting us or one of our wonderful members. On Twitter and Facebook, we’ll be sharing and promoting our members’ campaigns, so follow along there! The following member organizations are also registered with the #GivingTuesdayCA campaign:

If you support us, you’ll know you’re supporting collaborative solutions to nation-wide problems: getting digitized cultural heritage into the hands of Canadian citizens as easily as possible. Our mission is to share local history material with its communities, such as through our province-wide digital search portal, our easy-to-use VITA digital toolkit, and our work with partners to prototype new services.

Your funds go towards upgrading our technologies, releasing our code under open-source licenses, building and customizing tools for our members, and working on fantastic new projects such as our digital education modules about multicultural Ontario history.

You can also support us in other ways: help spread the word about our work, send us a testimonial about the way our services have benefited you, and you can partner with us on projects through volunteering your time or contributing some infrastructure. Talk to us about your ideas and what you’d like to offer!

Supporting our members also supports us: ask your local library, archive, museum, or historical society how you can contribute to their work!