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The Francophone Community Grants Program


Magasin Paul Cadieux, in St. Thomas d’Alfred, Ont., from the collection of the Bibliothèque Du Canton d’Alfred-Plantagenet.


The Government of Ontario has announced $1 million in grant funding this year to support community and cultural development of French communities in the province:

“The FCGP seeks to encourage greater social involvement, learning, innovation, and community engagement for Francophones across the province of Ontario, including at the local community, regional, and provincial levels.”

We work with a number of Francophone communities in Ontario, such as in West Nipissing and the county of Prescott-Russell, and would love to see our partners win some of these grants! The deadline is Thursday, November 2.

The Francophone Community Grants Program will provide opportunities for Francophone organizations in Ontario to implement cultural and community-based projects that will support the engagement of Francophones in their milieu.

The program aims to support Projects in Ontario that:

1. Facilitate social integration, networking and volunteerism within francophone communities;

2. Reduce barriers and increase support for vulnerable groups within Francophone communities;

3. Provide opportunities to celebrate and promote an understanding of Ontario’s Francophonie;

4. Build the capacity of francophone organizations; and

5. Promote collaboration between service providers to better serve francophone communities.

Please get in touch if you want to discuss a grant application that involves VITA technologies or other OurDigitalWorld services to help expand community access to your Francophone cultural heritage.

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