We’ve been working with our partners at the British Columbia Library Association for the past few years on a viable form for a Digital Library model. Eventually, we want a technology that can be deployed at both the national and provincial/territorial levels.

Through generous grant funding, we’re able to employ a Digital Library Developer, Matt Barry, for the next few months to work on the next iteration of the platform.

BCLA interviewed ODW Executive Director Loren Fantin about our work, and gave an update on Matt’s work with Daniel Sifton from Vancouver Island University, in their latest PDL Communique.

“The Admin team continues their exploration of ‘hub and spoke’ infrastructure models. While initially the DPLA (Digital Public Library of America) platform was the main focus identified through research and stakeholder consultations, Supplejack which is the platform that supports DigitalNZ, is now also being considered as another candidate.

“Supplejack has a strong developer community and consequently BC PDL platform exploration has benefitted from regular communication between SuppleJack developers and BC PDL Admin team members. Both the DPLA Platform and Supplejack use the hub and spoke model, which the BC PDL Steering Committee put forward as a best practice for the BC PDL project in July 2016.

“The team is currently working with both platforms in a local development environment, comparing and contrasting them as working models for the BC PDL.”

Stay tuned for more developments!