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New, open VITA Toolkit help site

After 7 years of wonderful service and support from the team at Orion, the O3 platform that supported our VITA Toolkit Network group space is being discontinued. This has offered ODW an opportunity to migrate all our support documentation, tips, discussions, and training materials to a new platform and open our support space to the public.

We’re harnessing the power of the VITA Toolkit to support our users and make our support hub more transparent, searchable and usable by everyone.

So far, the Toolkit manuals and other supporting document are loaded and ready for search, browse and downloading. As well, we’ve added some tip sheets on promoting your digital collections and others on helping users use your VITA site. Our plan is to start adding on demand webinars and to encourage users to add their tips, promotional materials and more directly to the site.

Take a look for yourself at

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