A big thank-you goes to Susanna Galbraith and the Open Shelf team for interviewing Loren and Jess about our work at OurDigitalWorld.

SG: What are a few of the greatest challenges libraries and archives face when creating open heritage collections?

LF & JP: When it comes to community history, we all want to tell a story. How we tell that story —  and how we capture it — happens in many different ways. The biggest challenge we see is that it’s difficult to find standards and tools that everyone will want to adopt for individual storytelling projects without feeling as though they are “flattening” everyone’s experience. On the other hand, we also see how social tagging and highly customized tools can dilute the strength of good metadata and sharing information. Striking a balance is a big learning curve.

You can read the whole interview at http://www.open-shelf.ca/150601-digital-world/.