Across Canada and the US, OurDigitalWorld is expanding!

Over the last few months, we’ve welcomed new partners from BC, Illinois, Michigan, and Ontario. Our All-in-One digitization projects mean thousands more heritage newspaper pages are now searchable online. We’re seeing a definite shift from closed, standalone systems and paper archives to online digital collections, and together this means the community of collections is exploding!

Since January 1, 2015 collections have grown by…

~87,000 records
~100,000 audio, video, documents, photos…
~and 166,000 newspaper pages

Browse them all on our showcase

Spotlight on Digital West Vancouver

Browse 140 years of West Vancouver’s history – its businesses, shorelines, people, and neighbouring areas – in the Digital West Van Library collection. Scan panoramic views of the West coast with our new pan-zoom image viewer. We love the fresh look West Van added to their site! And, being added as we speak, Histrionics, the newsletter of the West Vancouver Historical Society.

We’re Speaking at Digital Odyssey 2015

Digital Odyssey 2015 “Open Data, Open Heritage” examines the intersection of governmental, academic, and community open data and open heritage materials, and investigate the roles that cultural heritage institutions can and should play in concert with other participants in the emerging open data, open heritage environment.

Cultural Memory-Making For All (time)

Cultural heritage organizations are collaborating with community partners to tell history in innovative and interactive ways. Loren Fantin & Jess Posgate of ODW will explore how to design workflows to capture community content, how can we share content “sustainably”, and why does it matter? This session will focus on best practices for gathering community contributions whether you’re collaborating in a physical space or virtually.

Collecting Voices – an Oral History Workshop

Cathy Leekam and Sarah Warner of Multicultural History Society of Ontario will present a workshop that provides step-by-step instructions on how to plan and conduct oral history interviews for personal and community projects.

New Sites, New Collections…

They’re springing up everywhere, including a few of the season’s migrations:

Coming soon…

  • St Catharines Public Library
    • 50,000 BMD index records
  • London Public Library
    • 30,000 London Free Press index cards
  • Milton Public Library
    • Canadian Champion newspapers 2012-2014